Marketing During a Recession: Five Tips to Help Your Business Flourish

Singapore’s economy is showing troubling signs of distress. As you seek to trim business costs to deal with the risk of recession, you may cut back on your marketing budget. Lowered spending does not have to correlate with lowered results. In fact, with smart marketing choices, you can make your marketing budget go further than ever. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

1. Get the support of a search engine optimisation company.

If you have never partnered with a digital agency in Singapore, you may not realize the full extent of the benefits. An independent full service agency has more experience and tools than your marketing department. In this light, the money you spend by outsourcing will go much further. With superior performance at competitive prices, this is an important measure for cost savings.

2. Drop your ATL marketing.

With ATL marketing, you are casting a wide net. This can seem like a smart way to get new leads. However, this is expensive marketing for minimal results. Instead, target your efforts, know your niche, and centre your marketing around that. This is the best way to see a real return on your investment.

3. Do more with your content.

Your business probably already has a lot of good online content developed. New content is expensive to procure, so it makes more sense to use the content you already have. You can repurpose this content in fresh ways by turning old blog posts into comprehensive guides, reposting your images on Pinterest, and transforming expert interviews into advice books. With a few small tweaks to your old content, you can create new ways to stay relevant.

4. Think smaller.

You may not be able to afford big projects during a recession. In marketing, that is okay. Instead of investing in a large television commercial, do 20 short videos for online platforms instead. A billboard campaign can be replaced with a social media blitz. The great thing about digital technology and SEO development is being able to make a big impact from smaller investments.

5. Focus on SEO.

People rely on the Internet for everything. However, consumers have to find your website first. This is only possible with search engine optimization. SEO is the process that gets your website to top the search results list. Most people look only at the first page of their search results, which means that you will fall behind if you do not implement competitive SEO tactics. Although SEO begins with keywords, it also includes increasingly complex practices. For best results, an SEO agency in Singapore can help.

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