Interactive Wall
Integrated Campaign
Client - Museum
  • Interactive Wall
  • Interactive Wall
  • Interactive Wall

We were approached to by a museum to help create a unique visitor experience focusing on new technologies and storytelling. The project had to be impactful and remarkable whilst contributing to a 360 user experience and helping drive revenue.

  • Concept
  • Storytelling
  • Development
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Beacon
  • Mobile App
  • 3D

We created “Pinacoto” a cheeky but knowledgeable chameleon that would be every visitor guide into the museum through an 8-meter impressive Interactive Wall.

We spent hundreds of hours researching through art history, archives and art books in order to pick the most interesting and relevant information. Then our storytellers worked really hard to digest this information and churn it out in bite-sized piece information, making it interesting to follow and prompting the visitors to discover more.

Mobile App

As part of our Museum of the Future project with the Singapore entity, we have developed a mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms. The application features a sleek design and integrates Beacons (Bluetooth) technology to help the visitor locates the important pieces of information.


The artwork detector will automatically pick up the signal and display on your screen the information about the painting that you are contemplating. The app is also engaging as it propose social quizzes in order to foster engagement and footfall in the different exhibitions.