Mobile Ads Formats

Mobile Placements are constantly evolving and new ideas and new ways of interacting with smartphone users are being introduced every day.

Let’s start with the basic Google Ads formats:

  • Google Mobile Ad - Seller Rating

    Showing the Seller\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Rating

  • Google Mobile Ad - Click to Call

    Click to Call

  • Google Mobile Ad - Ad with Offer

    Showing a promotion/offer, e.g. 25% off

  • Google Mobile Ad - Location Extension

    Showing the nearest point of sale on the map

  • Google Mobile Ad - Mobile App Ad

    Showing the link to the App store and rating

  • Google Mobile Ad - Click to Download

    Showing screenshots and rating with download link

Click to show a slideshow of Google Mobile Ads formats

Google (through Adwords/Admob) allows to set-up Search and Display ads that enables users to:

  • Find out ratings and reviews about a particular product in a web store or a mobile application
  • Click-To-Call – instantly get in touch with the vendor they are looking for
  • Click-To-Download – direct link to the mobile application store depending on their device type
  • Find the nearest Point of Sale according to their current location
  • View PreRoll and InStream Video Clips through YouTube

The iab has published a short video showing how interactive ads can be on mobile:

Leverage even more engaging mobile ads formats thanks to Rich Media and Micro-Sites within ads  placements:

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