How to Choose a Reliable SEO Company

Search engine optimization (SEO) provides an excellent way for you to build a robust, customer-friendly website that ranks higher in search engine results. This will benefit your business by increasing traffic, boosting brand awareness and generating additional revenue. You will also be able to build credibility because users tend to trust websites appearing near the top of a search engine results page (SERP). Additionally, SEO will generate valuable information concerning the traffic to your site, including visitor demographics, search methodology, specific terms searched for and devices used.

The Power of Organic Search

At any given time, millions of users are performing internet searches and clicking on links that promise to provide the products and information they are looking for. As an example, a business needing to find a top SEO agency in Singapore might do a search for “SEO agency Singapore.” Unfortunately, many business owners ignore the advantages of SEO and rely solely on social media and paid advertising. Those that take such an approach are missing out on the powers of organic search that can generate significant revenue at a fraction of the cost of paid ads. However, successful SEO requires a long-term commitment, which makes it crucial to find the best SEO company.

Find the Best SEO Agency Singapore

When searching for an SEO agency in Singapore, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, it is important to understand that the firm you choose can significantly impact the amount of organic traffic your website receives as well as your future finances. While the right firm can help you achieve a significant increase in organic traffic, the wrong choice will result in a lower search engine rating, which can be extremely difficult to recover from. Before you make your final choice in an SEO company, here are some additional things you should know about SEO:

1. SEO Is Not Magic

There is nothing magical about SEO. It requires an in-depth knowledge of search engine rankings plus a lot of hard work. SEO firms that claim to have special insight into the algorithms used by Google to rank websites are most likely lying. Even when short-term gains have been achieved by applying “SEO tricks,” those gains can be wiped out overnight by the latest Google algorithmic update. Instead of pretending that search engine rankings are a mystery that has been revealed to only a select few, a good SEO firm will rely on its experience and deep understanding of how search engines function in order to apply SEO in the most effective manner.

2. SEO Firms to Avoid

When hiring an SEO firm, it is best to avoid companies that guarantee top spot position and companies that use black hat techniques because such methods are unethical. Black hat techniques include buying links, stuffing the content with too many keywords and building irrelevant website links from porn or gambling websites. If Google determines that you are using black hat techniques, they will demote your site, and it will be difficult for you to restore your previous ranking. It is also not enough that a company promises to increase your organic traffic. After all, there are various types of organic traffic, and not all of them will increase your revenue.

3. Find an SEO Firm with Metrics That Work for You

Once you have a short list of SEO firms you are considering, it is time to make sure that you and your top choice are on the same page when it comes to metrics. Although keyword ranking is important, it is not the ultimate measure of SEO effectiveness. You want to be able to track key performance indicators (KPIs) that give you insight into various phases of your business. To prevent confusion, you also want to avoid tracking the wrong KPIs. Here are some KPIs that you should be tracking:

• Percentage of website visitors resulting from an organic search
• Number of page views per visit
• Average duration per visit
• Number of unique visitors
• Bounce rate
• Conversion rate
• Keyword rankings
• Google indexing success rate
• Page load time

4. Choose an SEO Firm with Good Communications Skills

Although you should have access to all of the SEO firm’s data, it is doubtful that you have time to sift through the data and perform your own analyses. That is why it is so important to hire an SEO firm with good communications skills. The SEO firm should be able to clearly explain their methodologies, strategies and expected results. They also should take the time to listen to you so that they understand what it is that you are trying to achieve. Because of this, it is vital that you hire an SEO firm that you can trust so that you can foster a good working relationship for many years to come.

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