Why is my organic reach lower on my Facebook page?



That is the question that everybody seems to be asking. How come the organic (non-paid) number of people who are seeing the posts on my page has dropped dramatically?

There is a lot of ranting around at the moment – but it’s time to move on and stay ahead on your competitors on social media.

As more and more brands and advertisers compete for a share of their target audience newsfeed, the average free reach is decreasing over time. As of a matter of fact, it is a natural thing. Facebook cannot feed 100% commercial messages to their users. The social network has to prioritise. The priority is done in two ways:  organically via the Edge Rank algorithm and via the bidding system for the paid-placements.

What does it mean for the future of your pages and the Facebook advertiser ecosystem as a whole?

Let’s first have a quick look at the Edge Rank algorithm or how it selects who will gets your posts on their newsfeed for free?


The Edge Rank Algorithm

(source: http://edgerank.net/)


A lot of things have been written about this secret algorithm, and we are listing a couple of good links below if you are interested to read up.





We will not reinvent the wheel or speculate on the details of the algorithm as this is not the point of this blog post. All sources agree, the algorithm is meant to provide a better user experience. Therefore if you are providing a good user experience, it will work in your favour.


How to make sense of your community management effort?

Chances are that if you are reading this article you are related to a page that is actively engaging with its users through, perhaps daily, content. You are investing resources into publishing status updates, links, articles, graphics and pictures onto your page. So, you would not want to do all of that for nothing.

There are a lot of articles that will teach you in 10 points how to maximise your engagement rate or to extend your reach. These articles all have interesting points such as posting at the best time of the day, focusing on the content that is the most liked or shared by your fan base, etc.

However, these are detail-oriented strategies that need constant attention.

We are simply giving out two main recommendations that do not require a lot of thoughts and represent the bottom line.

 1)   You need to pay for broadcasting your message

Ultimately that is what Facebook wants you to do. And as it gets more and more competitive, you will have to pay more. Conversely, it is still relatively cheap! Reaching 2,000 people at US$1 CPM will cost you $2. Compare this to sinking the cost and time needed to produce your optimised content!

 2)   Have an engaged fan base

While it is tempting to go for the highest number of fans, is it paying off? You have read the Edge Rank articles, Facebook wants a better user experience and maximise engagement. And so should you! It is more effective to have 5,000 engaged fans that actually respond to your brand message and do Like you than having 100,000 fans who just liked your page for the freebies or a chance to win an iPad!


Please let us know your comments, especially if you disagree with us!

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