Privacy Policy

Collection of Information

Mediatropy uses third party cookies to measure the effectiveness of Online advertising campaigns and to improve the Internet users experiences.

We are aware that it is our responsibility to protect the privacy of the Internet users that are behind these cookies. As a result, we do not collect, sell or share personally identifying information.

We also believe that transparency is the foundation of trust and our cookies only contain the following information:

  • Anonymous user ID
  • Domain Name
  • Time, Date and expiration


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A cookie is not a program and it cannot do anything to harm your computer or steal your personal data. It is only a text file also called a single name-value pair.

We do not collect names, emails or other information on our servers that would be susceptible to personally identify the owner of a cookie.

Opt out (cookie from Mediatropy)

If you don’t want to receive any more cookies you can change your browsers settings to refuse cookies or to be notified when you collect one. You can also delete them from your browsers.

Alternatively, if you have any concerns about our tracking solution, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: We will be happy to answer your questions and should you feel that the service is impeding your Internet experience, we can block any communication from our servers to your IP address.

Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising

Please use the following link to opt-out of advertising campaigns that use re-targeting engines: Network Advertising Initiative Opt-Out Page