How to Run SEM Ads on Baidu?

Baidu SEM Ads are a bit like Google Adwords. Text ads appear on top of the Organic results or on the right hand side of the Baidu Website.

Location of the Baidu SEM Text Ads:

Baidu SEM Text Ads Location

Quality Score on Baidu:

Baidu uses the CRI (Comprehensive Rank Index) to score the quality of its client’s text ads. The CRI is influenced by the Bidding price multiplied by the Quality Score of the Advertiser. Quality Score is dependent on the CTR of the Text Ad.

Quality Score Baidu CRI

Baidu Text Ads Characters Limit:

Headline = 20 characters in Chinese (or 40 in English)

Body = 100 characters in Chinese (or 200 in English)


How to launch a PPC Campaign on Baidu?

There are a couple of steps that you need to follow to create an account with Baidu.

1- You need a Chinese Website

2- You need to provide a translated Business Registration

3- You need to sign a contract with Baidu

4- You need to send a deposit of 10.6k RMY (600 RMY dedicated to the registration fee)


There are authorised distributors that can help you set up your campaigns, otherwise you can deal directly with Baidu.



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