Facebook Retargeting in Singapore and Asia

Advertisers using retargeting techniques are witnessing good performance results. The latest trend is to use FBX, the Facebook Exchange which has opened its gates about 6 months ago. Now widely available in the US and Europe, we are seeing more interest coming to Asia but are Agencies and Service Providers ready?

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Comparing Facebook Retargeting Platforms

As usual, Asia is left behind in terms of investments and priorities. Even if the numbers are here to show that the growth is actually happening eastwards, it does not seem that everyone shares the same priority. As a result, advertisers in Asia are often struggling to get their hands on the latest technologies.

Surely there are global platforms used by global agencies or big bluechip companies – but what about those who have less than the 10k minimum spent? And more importantly what service are Asian based customer getting?

As you would have guessed, Facebook retargeting is a first and foremost and technology issue. The FBX is open to a few RTB platforms that are bidding on behalf on their clients according to the cookie they want to retarget. Latency plays a crucial role in the bidding process. One must therefore ensure that its bidding platform has at least a foot locally in Asia in order to be able to complete a bid within the limited timeframe. In that sense, not all platforms are equal and some due diligence must be exercised when selecting a platform.

Also, pricing is not done equally. Retargeting is mostly always priced on a CPM basis and typically the platforms will charge an extra percentage on the price attributed during the auction. According to our experience this margin taken by the retargeting platform varies greatly. We are seeing typical range of 20% to 100%. Given that the Facebook retargeting is a relatively new thing, the CPM are still relatively low. Actually at the time we speak (Feb 2013), prices are below 0.50 cents CPM while on Google Display Network prices have surged above 1 dollars CPM.

Finally, factor in the level of support you are getting. US-based support usually means 1-2 days lag between questions and answers!

Our top three FBX retargeting platforms:

  • Triggit (for large campaigns > 10k USD)
  • Perfect Audience (“perfect” for small and medium campaigns)
  • AdRoll (however it seems their pricing/margin is somehow a bit higher)

The Facebook Retargeting Infographics

The following infographics explain the lifecycle of a FBX retargeting campaign for a Room booking website:

Infographics on Facebook Retargeting

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